so apparently the risk management people at my university have told my political science professor that his tardis door is in violation of blah blah blah because “people might think police are actually available in his office”



okay, tamuc. okay.

y’all omfg i am so done. i went by his office this morning and he’s added all of this to his bulletin board:




i’m crygikng’;e







No one can convince me otherwise. This is Grant and Jemma.

This is a pic commissioned and PAID FOR by a Skyeward fan. Be nice and don’t appropriate others work. If you want a Biospecialist scene, I am sure the author will draw you one - it’s only 12 $ a piece.

What? Really? She isn’t critiquing the work. The work is beautiful. You’re mad because she doesn’t see Skye in the photo. And that’s alright! She’s allowed to have an opinion. She was not being rude.

No but they were drawn to go specifically with Skyeward fics that I wrote or two of them were. The other was drawn by the artist for a non Tumblr friend of hers as a Skyeward piece. If it’s an honest mistake that’s fine but you shouldn’t tag it as something it’s not. You should also try to understand why people would be hurt/offended by you replacing a WOC with a white woman. I’m sure
would be happy to take commissions for other work and I highly recommend her. Art is subjective but when an artist labels it as a particular subject it’s not for anyone else to change that. You wouldn’t go around changing the titles of Rembrandts or Van Goughs etc so why should fan art be any different? This was tagged Skyeward by myself and the artist. You also shouldn’t repost work without sourcing it and linking back to the artist. If someone changed the characters in my story’s after I spent time and effort on them that would really upset me. It’s not about attacking or upsetting you, it’s about making sure people show the proper consideration to artists, writers, musicians etc and respect their work.

*bolded for emphasis*

Hey chiming in here on account of I’m the one that drew these.

All three of these pieces were commissioned . the first by a close friend of mine that wanted Skyeward. the second and third by superspyskye

I’ts not a debate about shipping. It is 100% skyeward.

However, what you choose to see in it is fine. 

what is NOT fine however is reposting artwork that isn’t by you or for you without permission from either the client or the artist to start shipping war bs. 

i ain’t about that.

I am more than happy to do any artwork you’d like with any couple you want. But this isn’t Grant and Jemma. I’ve got no problem with Grant/Jemma. But this isn’t them 

its Ward and Skye.

feel free to contact me if you’d like me to do a piece for you that IS Grant and Jemma. I would be happy to :)